Why You Need Me

The benefits of being organized

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”

There’s a million and one poignant and entirely relevant philosophies and popular sayings about organizing and optimizing your stuff and your space so you can be more efficient, flexible, lighthearted, and in some cases profitable. I couldn’t possibly recount them all, or say nearly enough about them. We all know they’ve been passed on for so long in large part because they’re entirely true.  

There’s also a million and one reasons you haven’t quite gotten around to doing it yourself; each of which is equally relevant and totally reasonable. 

Life is whirlwind of competing priorities, limited time, and impossible decisions. Oh, and sleep, we can’t forget sleep!

With everything that’s competing for your time and attention, it’s no wonder the junk drawer spills over into another junk drawer, then up onto the counter; or the basement and garage attract clutter and chaos like it’s nobody’s business! But it IS your business, and it’s weighing on you and slowing you down more than you may even realize.

Okay, one proverb: A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Clutter is not simply stuff piled everywhere it doesn’t belong with no hope of finding a home, clutter is the accumulation of old ideas, bad habits, and woeful procrastination. Decluttering is the process of moving on, embracing new and productive habits, and taking control. 

A Professional Personal Organizer is the antidote to cluttered hearts, minds, and homes everywhere. 

‘Later’ may be clutter’s best friend, but a professional organizer is ‘NOW’, so take that clutter!