What People Say


 "I am so enjoying my sewing room. Making these costumes {fabulous photo enclosed} was so much easier. Wendy


"I feel like I got new lights in my closet! I love walking in there and just looking; it's so calming. I got rid of half my clothes and feel like I've doubled my wardrobe! Thank you so much!" Jessica


“Dear Laura- There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude! This project was HUGE in so many ways. Your commitment and energy to see it all the way through to the end is simply amazing. I would not have had the patience…ever. And obviously, the special memorial to Andy is crazy good - it’s more than I could have hoped for. I truly appreciate your vision and talent and will look forward to our next project!”  Christy 


"About a year ago, I was introduced to Laura Cooper of Streamline With Style. I have worked with many professional organizers over the years and have had nothing but a positive experience with all of them. That being said, my work with Laura was far superior to the work that was done by other professional organizers. Laura was detailed, supportive, and most importantly she was very patient with my disorganization! I am very happy to say that after just there hours working with Laura, my apartment reached a much deeper desired state of organization that I ever would've imagined in that short a time. My craft corner is the highlight of this new organization! Like many craft corners, mine was a mess of paint, fabric, yarn, and countless unfinished projects. In the year since my craft corner was organized, I am happy to say that the techniques Laura taught me have stayed in place. I find it very easy to find just what I need, right when I want it! I strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with even minor disorganization to seek out Laura Cooper's help. I have no doubt that she will provide you with the same support that she did with me and my craft corner!"  Taya 


 "Laura is a lifesaver! I thought I was a fairly organized person until after 2 big garbage bags later I realized I had been storing at least 3 1/2 filled bottles of expired tylenol and various other OTC medicines. We thoroughly cleaned out the bathroom and designated his and her drawers, much to my husband's delight and surprise! I never thought I'd enjoy looking under the bathroom sink- but now, I feel a little surge of joy when I see my neatly labeled bins and know exactly where to stash my necessities! Not only does Laura provide excellent service and expertise, she is a joy to work with. The hours flew by and I found myself inspired to continue with the trend and tackle additional projects. Thank you Laura for all your help!"  Jackie                               


"I referred Laura to the mother of one of my students who desperately needed help with staying organized with his academic demands. His mom emailed me to say: "Laura Cooper is really great! Thanks so much!" Her son's quality of life has improved dramatically since he began working with Laura."  Alice 


"Laura Cooper came to my house to help me organize my kitchen, which had become this overwhelming daunting task since we moved in a couple of months ago. We were “unpacked,” but it still didn’t feel settled, and after weeks and weeks of my husband and I saying to each other ‘oh let’s organize the kitchen this weekend’ and then that not happening, we decided to call Laura to help, which felt like such a strange thing for me to do, because I am by nature a pretty organized person, and I don’t ask for help lightly. Laura was extremely efficient and helpful - we started right away making some basic ground rules about what would go in the pantry, and what would go in the kitchen, then we went on to categorizing items, and decluttering further. Laura was a perfect balance of making decisions for me, and making decisions with me on what should go where and why. At the end of four hours, Laura had helped me find a place for everything, and even left me with extra space so my kitchen space can ebb and flow with my daily hectic life. She even helped me organize our credenza, which had really just become two huge junk drawers that we hated. And she did it in such a fun way, it didn’t feel at all like a chore, instead it felt like a weight had been lifted. She saved me what would have normally been an entire weekend of stressful organizing, which leaves me more time for spending with time with my daughter, so for that I am extremely thankful. Our new house finally feels like home, and there is already so much more harmony in our life because of it. If you know anyone who is like me, a super busy professional mom who likes to have a purposeful space, I would highly recommend you refer them to Laura."  Mollie 


 "I ♥♥ YOU!! Oh, my word, his room is cleaned the way it should be! He even vacuumed in his closet! I can see his dresser!!! The drawers are closed, no more than 10 items on it! It worked, it worked, it worked!!!"  Joanna 


"Laura Cooper is everything one could want in a professional organizer - an experienced teacher and designer with a command of organizational systems for different learning styles.  She is calm and compassionate but a task mistress when necessary.  Most of all, Laura has a great sense of humor and fun that makes work sessions more enjoyable than they might otherwise be.  Laura helped me organize my office when I felt overwhelmed with my own work demands.  She is the organizer's organizer." Melissa 


"Laura is the best because she possesses so many skills. She helped me plan and implement a trip to the West Coast, move my son into a new place, and settled my mother into a new senior living facility... and I have a long list of things I'm still looking forward to doing with her. Everybody needs a Laura!"  Judy