Tubtrug Luv

April 21, 2017

One of my favorite organizing solutions is Tubtrugs!

While created as a gardening and lawn care tool, I've used them for everything but! I had them in the play room, my son's room, the kids' bathroom, the hallway and the closet!

They're versatile, colorful and best of all, environmentally friendly.

They may be on the pricier side for a storage bin, but I believe it's better to spend a little more for something that will is virtually indestructible and can serve a multitude of uses, including an ice bucket, a splash pool and even a sandbox!

Do you love Tubtrugs as much as I do? Tell me about it!

Some ways I used Tubtrugs when my kids were little:


Winter: hats, mittens, scarves
Spring/Summer: sporting gear


Hall Closet

Winter: spare hats, gloves, scarves
Spring/Summer: helmets, pads & other gear


Kids' Bedroom

Toys, stuffed animals, books


Kids' Bathroom

Bath/Water Toys

Play Room

Play food, blocks, dress-up clothes, anything!