How I Work


The Consult

CALL ME, tell me where it hurts!

We start with a brief phone conversation so I can get a good understanding of your situation, and gather some basic information. After which, we’ll schedule a free, on-site assessment, lasting around 30 minutes, where we’ll discuss all your hopes and dreams, trials and tribulations, fears and organizational fantasies…*

It’s like a therapy session that feels liberating the moment you start letting go.

The Visioning

As a Professional Organizer, this is my bread and butter. I’ll assess of your project taking into account where you are, where you ultimately want to go, how we’re going to get there, and present a plan you can understand and feel a part of.

If we decide to move forward on the project together, we’ll schedule our first working session and take it from there.

The Organizing

My assessment will give you an idea of how long the overall project will take, and what we’ll need to make it happen. I can work with you and your family, or alone; but the systems we put in place will be designed to work for you and everyone you need them to, long after I leave the room.

* For clients living outside Chittenden County, I’ll ask you to email photos of your space instead of an initial on-site assessment.