Clutter is more than just too many things piled on the counter or heaped in the closet, stuffed into drawers, or crowded on the bedside table. Clutter is anything and everything we don’t need, want, or use, that takes up space, saps our energy, and disrupts our serenity. UGH!

Clutter isn’t hoarding, but the results are just as icky. You and your busy family, or your office full of innovative, productive people bouncing off the walls, need room to breathe, think, and thrive. You can’t be wasting time and energy tripping over piles of files and worn out baseball mitts. 

Decluttering helps you create a harmonious, flowing environment in which you can really live and work. A space doesn’t weigh you down, and allows you to spread out, both energetically, and physically, where there just wasn’t room enough to do so before. 

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