About Me

Laura Cooper

For as long as I can remember, I’ve tended my space and surroundings like a curator, not a spectator. My LP's and cassettes (remember them?) were in alphabetical order, and my PEZ dispenser collection was (and still is) displayed to museum-like standards, less the white gloves and fancy alarms. 

Growing up in New York City, a model of form, function, and incalculable competing priorities, I became wholly aware of the limitless possibilities for creating a visually interesting and entirely functional space; and on an island no less!

My childhood friends can tell you that when I came over to play, I’d want to put their toys and books away as soon as they came off the shelf, thoughtfully rearranging them in the process. Years later, I’m still organizing my friends’ possessions, only now it includes their kids’ toys and books, and stuff we insisted we’d never have when we grow up. 

I majored in Graphic Design at Maryland Institute, College of Art, and got a Master’s Degree in Arts Education at Columbia University, Teacher’s College; a predictable path for someone with an eye for shape and style, and a borderline OCD penchant for symmetry and organization. The years spent in the studio only reinforced and expanded my love of color and appreciation of placement and functional space, and ultimately inspired Streamline with Style, LLC.

As your home is your kingdom, your body is your temple, so somewhere along the way I developed a passion for physical fitness and became a certified personal trainer, group fitness and Spinning instructor, eventually taking the stage in a bodybuilding competition in 2000. My commitment to physical fitness helped me develop other organizational skills and the necessary physical stamina to keep me from losing my carbohydrate-depleted mind.

Now I’m living in a well-organized house in Vermont with my husband and two children. Every room makes me happy, even the closets, pantry, and garage. Of course, there's a place for everything, but everything is not always in its place. After all, Lego pieces on the coffee table and friendship bracelets on the kitchen island, are what make a house a home, and your kingdom, your passion.

Everyone deserves to live in a home that's full of life, happy, stylish, and organized. Life can be hectic and frantic, but it can also be calm and chaos-free. Let me help you clear out the clutter, surround you in colors you'll love, and put in place systems for keeping your life streamlined...with style!

Laura Cooper